Scientific programme manager

At Neurotorium, founded by the Lundbeck Foundation, we are looking for a scientific programme manager for our open access, online educational platform,

The Lundbeck Foundation is one of Denmark’s largest commercial foundations. Through our independent research grants we strive to strengthen Danish-based biomedical research, science education and research communication.

Neurotorium was founded in April 2022 and offers expertly curated content on psychiatry, neurology and neuroscience available online, and for free. The goal for Neurotorium is to deliver high-quality up-to-date scientific knowledge to the global clinical community and offer resources for medical practitioners, educators, and students.


Job description

The scientific programme manager is expected to lead the development of new content for Neurotorium and ensure that the existing content on the platform is kept up to date. The candidate will also be involved in initiatives to increase the number of users of Neurotorium and to enhance the user experience.

The tasks include:

  • In collaboration with experts in the field of psychiatry, neurology and neuroscience, identify new themes to add to Neurotorium and update existing content.
  • Work with, and coordinate between professional agencies, and expert contributors and reviewers to develop the new educational material.
  • Provide quality assurance of the content and ensure adherence to visual identity, platform scope, and alignment with internal guidelines.
  • Identify and develop opportunities for new content related to the themes on Neurotorium such as articles, films, and patient-centred content, and ensure delivery of these upon editorial approval.
  • Assist with initiatives to raise awareness of Neurotorium by, for example, participating in events at international scientific conferences.


The ideal candidate has:

  • A PhD in neurology, psychiatry, neuroscience, neuropharmacology or a related field
  • Clinical experience is highly desirable.
  • Excellent communication skills including a documented high level of proficiency in English scientific writing and a keen eye for details.
  • Project management experience and experience collaborating with many stakeholders in parallel.
  • An open mind and a keen interest in all aspects of psychiatry and neurology, from fundamental neuroscience research to clinical practice.
  • Experience with digital media editing, illustration and/or design software, CMS – WordPress in particular – is an advantage.

For questions related to the post please contact Ceren Akdeniz Vogt at

Please send applications consisting of a CV and cover letter written in English to

Deadline 15th December 2023