We are pleased to welcome you to Neurotorium – your new point of reference for educational content on topics within psychiatry, neurology and neuroscience. You will find articles, images, power point slide decks, videos, and more on the website. Content can be shared by links, through your profile or you can download the material you need for your personal use.

User Profile
You will be able to create a user profile and write notes, save your favourite content for later or share your collections of content with others.

This picture illustrates 'My Workspace' at Neurotorium.org.

3D Brain Atlas
In the 3D Brain Atlas you can see many of the brain’s structures from a 360 degree viewpoint, make various sagittal incisions through the brain, read more about the structures, and download images of the brain that you can use in your own presentations.

This picture illustrates the 3D Brain Atlas at Neurotorium.org.

Access article: Try out the 3D Brain Atlas

During 2022, we will introduce new content and functions to Neurotorium, such as:

Slide Lab
In our slide lab, you will be able to create your own power point presentations using material from the platform.

This picture illustrates the slide lab at Neurotorium.org.

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