Substance use disorders and other addictions – Comorbidities

3D Brain Atlas

Explore relevant areas of the brain with the 3D Brain Atlas. Click read more to access the Brain Atlas.

The microbiome-gut-brain axis in Parkinson’s disease

Over the past couple of decades, the significant role of gut-related processes in the development and progression of PD has…

Brain Imaging for Psychiatrists, Part 1: Introduction and Techniques

Brain imaging technologies have advanced massively in the past two decades. Modern tools such as positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic…

Inflammation, Accelerated Aging and Structural Brain Changes in Schizophrenia

Over the course of schizophrenia, there is typically a decrease in the size of brain structures. Intriguingly in terms of…

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Explore and interact with our Brain atlas

In the 3D Brain Atlas you can see many of the brain’s structures from a 360 degree viewpoint, make various sagittal incisions through the brain, read more about the structures, and download images of the brain that you can use in your own presentations. The 3D brain atlas has been developed for Neurotorium, by Random42 and Martin Fredensborg Rath, Professor of Experimental Neuroanatomy, University of Copenhagen and reviewed by the Neurotorium Editorial Board

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